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Tait Delivers Customized Solutions for Maroon 5 Tour


TAIT was honoured to take part in Maroon 5’s fourth worldwide tour, Overexposed, which marks the largest touring production to date for the ever-popular pop rock group. Delivering a stunning set that met both the budgetary requirements and timeframe of the project, TAIT provided the client with customized, value-added solutions from the group’s vast rental fleet.

Demfis Fyssicopulos, Production Designer and Creative Director for the tour, was thrilled with the outcome of the project and stated, “TAIT was absolutely the right choice for building the set and automation of the show. Their product is simply the best in the industry at every level, their attention to detail is magnificent, they innovate and create solutions to realize the vision of the designer like no other company, and their customer support is unparalleled. The screen rotators turned out great. They allowed us to show a plethora of screen configurations and walls of light, giving the show very different and dynamic looks. The main decks and band riser look beautiful, and the bridge is a beautiful architectural piece on its own.”

TAIT manufactured a rolling m-shaped mainstage, flanked by a single row of Barco FLX 60 LED modules along the perimeter of the stage. This feature created a vibrant contrast, as the “m” shape was illuminated amongst the darkened arena. All staging supplied for the tour featured TAIT’s patented MAG Deck system, to ensure speed and efficiency in its assembly.

To suspend the mainstage screen above the stage, TAIT reconfigured twelve video rotators from the group’s rental fleet. Custom bumpers and side alignment brackets were also manufactured to ensure a seamless alignment. TAIT’s renowned Navigator system provided automation for the rotators.

TAIT manufactured a custom aluminium bridge that was used to connect the mainstage to a rolling B-stage, which was nestled within the crowd. The element provided the artists with the ability to perform in a closer, more intimate setting with the audience. The bridge structure can be lowered from the ceiling and then removed as needed via TAIT’s Navigator Control System. The element was meticulously designed to be completely adjustable, in order to accommodate a variety of venues and pack efficiently in transport.

Other Elements:

Staging: Custom 16’ by 16’ B-stage, Band Risers, Custom Bike-Rail Style Barricade

Navigator-Controlled Kabuki and Sniffers




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