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TAIT bring elaborate scenic arches to Tim and Faith's Las Vegas Residency

TAIT bring elaborate scenic arches to Tim and Faith's Las Vegas Residency

tim-and-faith-las-vegas-photo_erick-kabik.jpgCountry superstars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw took to the stage at The Venetian in Las Vegas last Friday with a spectacularly designed set of elaborate, segmented proscenium arched structures, provided by Tait. Opening night showcased Tait’s world class quality and craftsmanship in both staging and scenic elements, as well as providing key automation elements within the performance. Set design by Leroy Bennett, the flown scaffolding design is a multilayer system where a variety of textures and depths can be created.

The key scenic elements provided by TAIT are as follows:


• Proscenium Horn: 43’ wide at base, constructed with steel tubing and integrated with Martin Tripix 1200 & 300 LED lighting strips.

• Ribbed Rings: four ring arches which diminish in diameter moving upstage, incorporating lighting fixtures. Rings can break into three pieces and sit on weighted bases.

• Flown Rings: Four solid flown rings which are flown via TAIT/FTSI’s Navigator system for simultaneous horizontal and vertical movement.

• Scaffolding Wall: 46’ wide by 24’ high made from 1.5’ clear and black tubing. Built in five layers with custom Tait connections.

• Scaffolding Columns: Four 4’ wide, 4’ depth, 24’ high columns built from 1.5’ diameter clear and matte black tubing to resemble Roman columns.

• Logo drop mounted to a stretcher frame flying upstage of the house proscenium, which is translucent and displays Tim & Faith’s logo.

• Flooring made from panels laminated with a skin on both sides, containing a thin piece of mirror material inlaid into the floor in the shape of Tim & Faith’s logo.

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