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Synthe FX releases Luminair for iPad v1.4 and LCompanion 2.0 updates

Synthe FX releases Luminair for iPad v1.4 and LCompanion 2.0 updates

Luminair for iPad v1.4Synthe FX is pleased to announce the availability of Luminair for iPad v1.4 on the iTunes App Store, and LCompanion v2.0 on the Mac App Store.

Luminair for iPad is an advanced DMX lighting control app that transmits DMX using Art-Net and sACN E1.31 protocols over Wi-Fi, for wireless control of lighting fixtures, dimmers, media servers and more. New in version 1.4 is the ability to wirelessly output DMX to Enttec DMX USB Pro interfaces connected to a Mac computer running LCompanion v2.0. Also among the new features in version 1.4 are usability enhancements, in the form of a new master fader control, and a new option to "lock" cues to prevent accidental changes to a user's project.

LCompanion is a free Mac OS X utility app built for users running Luminair on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It allows users to create Luminair compatible fixture files, and transfer project, fixture, image, and PDF files back and forth with their iOS devices. New in v2.0 is the ability to receive Art-Net and output DMX through Enttec DMX USB Pro interfaces connected to computers running Mac OS X 10.6.6 or greater. LCompanion is capable of receiving Art-Net DMX from Luminair on iOS, or any other Art-Net control source.

New in Luminair for iPad v1.4

- Now supports Enttec DMX USB Pro devices connected to a Mac running LCompanion v2.0 (available on Mac App Store)

- Added a new "lock" option for cues

- Added a global master DMX output fader control

- Added support for downloading & restoring .zip archives of all Luminair files in file transfer mode

- Various other bug fixes and enhancements

New in LCompanion v2.0

- Adds native support for receiving Art-Net and outputting DMX via Enttec DMX USB Pro


- Simplified Luminair fixture profile creation

- Archive and restore options by right clicking device name (Luminair iPad v1.4+ )

- Adds support for changing selected channel with arrow keys in the fixture profile


- Adds support for cycling through selected channel types with 'T' key on keyboard

- Various other bug fixes and enhancements

For full details on Luminair for iPad and LCompanion v2.0 please visit:

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