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Swedish Television embraces CRMX for HD studio

Swedish Television embraces CRMX for HD studio

svt-copy.jpgSVT, the Swedish national television company, fully embraced LumenRadio's wireless CRMX DMX/RDM technology when they recently finished refurbishment of their expansive central news studio in Stockholm to exclusively produce High-Definition content. This studio will host more than 10 major national live news broadcasts of various formats every day of the year and the frequent set changes requires an extremely efficient and reliable technical infrastructure.

A shift from incandescent based lighting with a central dimming system to a heavy reliance upon LED fixtures with DMX control, coupled with the particular lighting requirements for HD production, necessitated a signal distribution system of much greater reach and flexibility than in a traditional TV studio.

LumenRadio's Swedish distributor, Hofmann Teknik, commissioned a system that features direct integration of the wireless CRMX DMX/RDM technology, in the form of OEM modules, into a large number of Desisti LED frenels.

"We have worked with SVT's production and engineering staff for many years and their commitment to technical excellence and flawless performance is unrivaled. We are therefore extremely pleased that SVT, after a thorough technical and practical evaluation, selected not only LumenRadio's CRMX products on an exclusive basis, but that they had such faith in the technology that it allowed us to eliminate DMX cabling entirely", said Patric Nord, Senior Project Manager at Hofmann, "We are confident that this project is proof positive that the CRMX technology can replace cabled DMX/RDM systems in even the most demanding and critical professional production environment while offering a host of features and benefits not found in wired systems".

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