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Summit Ridge Mobilizes With Powersoft

Summit Ridge Mobilizes With Powersoft

Powersoft  M50Q DSP+ETHVentura, CA, January 2012 – Summit Ridge Christian Fellowship located in Spokane, Washington, recently upgraded their worship services with a new sound system powered by Powersoft amplifiers.

The church leadership worked closely with AGI Professional, located in Eugene, Oregon, to design a system that would accommodate not only their contemporary services but also their requirement for the system to be portable with easy set-up.

"Summit Ridge is part of a growing segment of churches that doesn't own a brick and mortar building but instead leases space for their regular services," explains Kyle Anderson, owner of AGI Productions. "They currently use another church space that doesn't have a big enough sound system to accommodate their needs – which is where we came in."

Anderson specified a left-right system that consists of two Fulcrum Audio FA12 12" coaxial loudspeakers pole-mounted on 13 ft. heavy-duty truss stand with a steel crank-up. Two Fulcrum Audio Sub115 15" direct radiating subwoofers are positioned directly below the loudspeakers for driving low end.

A single four-channel Powersoft M50Q DSP+ETH provides all of the power necessary.

"With each channel providing 750W at 8 ohms, it was a no-brainer," Anderson adds. "We used channels 1 and 3 for the subs and 2 and 4 on the mid/high boxes and had plenty of headroom."

Anderson continues, "All we had to do was synch the DSP with the manufacturer's FIR filters – do a little tuning here and there and we were good to go. We locked it down and provided the crew with a "show EQ" in their portable racks that they use if they run into a situation that requires minor modifications."

The 4-channel M50Q DSP+ETH is equipped with four inputs and outputs all in one rack unit. Each channel offers five bi-quad filters for system equalization, two crossovers, eight bi-quad filters, and RMS and peak limiters eliminating the need for outboard equalizers. Presets can be created, stored, and completely monitored utilizing the Armonía Pro Audio SuiteTM software with computer and amplifiers communicating over standard Ethernet.

"Our clients were amazed that they didn't need a huge amp rack to get the power the system provides," Anderson concludes. "They were so delighted that they have spread the word to some other churches in the area that were looking for upgraded systems as well. It was a win-win for everyone involved."

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