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Summit for the G20 Summit

Summit for the G20 Summit


Summit Steel supplied an 88 metre long version of their new customisable StandUpper structure, plus 11 tailored SmarTmast 1s which were used to provide general site lighting at the Royal Victoria Docks/Millennium Mills site, which faced the ExCel Centre and G20 Summit venue just across the river.

This Grandstand style version StandUpper formed an elevated ‘press pen' enclosure for the event, containing the vast numbers of media who were in action for the occasion. This dynamic new structure has been developed from Summit's very successful ‘marquee' superstructure, originally designed as walkway covering for the red carpet area at the BAFTA Awards for the last 2 years.

The higher, open end of the StandUpper's slanted roof stood at 5.5 metres, while the lower (back) end was at 4.5 metres. Inside the space, Atlantic installed decking platforms running the full length at the correct height to give the press clearance to get their lenses over the fence at the water's edge of the site. The corrugated aluminium roof and other dressing elements, including draping of the front hand-rails, was completed by Blackfriars.

The SmarTmasts were distributed around the whole Millennium Mills site for broadcast equipment and AV suppliers, Feltech Electronics. Flood lighting was rigged onto the masts, and utilised both for security and as working light for the night shift crews.

Summit's team of 10 riggers was led by Jay Call. Six people completed the StandUpper build and two were deployed on SmarTmast duty. Another 2 Summit riggers helped the assorted TV crews with cable management and running their wires over to the ExCel side of the river via the walkway bridge to one side of the site.

“It all went very smoothly,” says Jay Call, “We were geared up for bad weather as always, but apart from one day with gusting winds up to 38 m.p.h, the weather was kind to us. We finished the build and get out bang on schedule”.

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