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Streamers: Final Presentation

Streamers: Final Presentation

I am going to try and keep this brief, and hopefully let the work speak for itself. On Monday my final plot for David Rabe's Streamers was due. It was our first paper project of the semester. I have been meaning to upload past projects, but after spending a week working on them, and staying up late on Sunday night to put the final touches on the plot and print paperwork, I'm exhausted and just want to forget about the play. Well I stuck it out this week, so here is a fairly good example of what is expected at our final plot presentations. I also did the plot in Vectorworks this time. The class has been hand drafting the plots, but to speed up my paperwork, I just exported all of my info to Lightwright. I still do work-sheeting and a rough plot by hand. Included below is my concept statement for the show, some early research and model lighting photos, channel and instrument schedule and the plot and section. Magic sheets are also expected, but I wrote them out by hand, and have not digitized them. I think you'll get the point though. Hope everyone enjoys it, comments are welcome. Thanks.




Conept Statement

Streamers - Light Plot

Streamers - Section

Channel Hook Up

Instrument Schedule

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