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STP On Point

I went to see Stone Temple Pilots last night at Jones Beach Theatre (a venue famous for being on the water and the sound not always being so great), courtesy of designer Alastair Bramwell-Watson, and I have to say, when performers are on, they are really on. With all the rumors of lead singer Scott Weiland being on-again, off-again (the wagon, that is), some of my colleagues joked the show might not even happen, and I was pleased to say there were wrong. Weiland was spot on. He sounded great, as did the rest of the band.

Visuals looked great, by the way, as well...a mix of Vari-Lite VL3000 Spots and Martin MAC 2000 Washes and Profiles, as well as some Atomic Colors, DWE strips, and PixelRange PixelLine 1044s provided a nice rig, while a huge LSI Saco V-Lite Screen covered most of the stage backdrop, served by a High End Systems Axon Media Server. That's why we're there, right? That and 1:45 of rockin' STP songs.

You can read all about Bramwell-Watson's design in the August issue of Live Design.

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