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STL Invests in Nova Flowers

STL Invests in Nova Flowers


Lightfactor Sales, the UK distributor for Novalight confirms the purchase of 4 Nova Flowers by Kent, UK-based rental company, STL Lighting.

STL's Iain Austin first used Nova Flowers on a fireworks spectacular at the end of 2008 in an in-situ demo arranged by Lightfactor's Peter Coles. He was so impressed with their performance that he decided to go straight ahead and make a purchase for STL's busy upcoming 2009 events season.

STL provides lighting design services to many of the projects to which it also supplies equipment and crew, and their main LD is Philip Parsons. “It's essential to have a wide range of creative tools in the inventory to cover all possibilities, and Nova Flower is a unique product that fills the gap for anyone wanting spectacular high-powered aerial effects,” states Austin, adding, “The fixtures are really excellent for producing those WOW factor moments for any occasion. They are exactly what we needed”.

The Nova Flower, from Italian lighting manufacturers' La Novalight is the first fully programmable ‘flower effect' with full DMX-controllable pan, tilt, colour, shutter and other standard features. Using a 1200W light source, this moving yoke fixture is trolley mounted for quick rigging onto a truss, and is even easier to position as a ground based fixture. It can also be used in stand-alone mode or programmed via the display buttons on the base.

The weather-resistant IP 43 rating was another feature that really attracted STL as a large proportion of their work is outdoors in all seasons. For the demo show, a high profile event at Leeds Castle, the units had to deal with atrocious weather conditions including torrential rain and high gusting winds throughout the weekend.

Austin also likes the beam quality and controllability of the Nova Flower. For the demo show, Parsons ran all lighting including the Nova Flowers, which were located close to the castle walls and used for skimming dramatically across the moat, from an Avolites Pearl console.

Parsons is equally happy with the Nova Flower purchase. He likes the fast speed at which they move and can be programmed, and specifically, the colours.

Other recent and current productions using Nova Flowers include Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" world tour (LD Paul Normandale), Keane's “Perfect Symmetry” world tour (LD Rob Sinclair) and the UK tour of Wild Rose's Cirque de Glace performed by The Russian Ice Stars (LD Tim Routledge).

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