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Stiernberg Consulting: 15 Years and Counting

Stiernberg Consulting: 15 Years and Counting


Firm grows on the strength of its knowledge, experience, relationships, and trusted insider's viewpoint

SHERMAN OAKS, CA—Stiernberg Consulting is marking 15 years in continuous business this year without fanfare beyond its ongoing commitment to serving an ever-expanding client base within the converging entertainment technology, music products, and electronic systems industries worldwide. Counting manufacturers, trade associations, investors, inventors, and publishers among those who regularly seek out its counsel and recommendations, the firm has lent a guiding hand to over 120 clients since hanging out its shingle in 1993. Today, with more than 50% of its project schedule occupied by returning clients, Stiernberg Consulting is known for its abilities to help others diversify, seek out and find new opportunities, and thrive in changing economic climates with self-sufficiency.

The core focus of Stiernberg Consulting's services revolves around three vital business functions: Applied strategic planning, competitive intelligence, and alliance (including M&A) work. Offering programs and services tailored to the specific needs of each of its clients, the firm gears its efforts toward promoting growth and results-oriented action plans. Services it provides include business situation analysis, strategic planning, marketing and sales management program development, market research, business intelligence, opportunity analysis, and a number of tactical and strategic workshops designed for everyone from top-level executives to middle management.

Stiernberg Consulting takes special care to underscore that it differs from purely tactical market research firms, technical consultants, hired gun CEOs, and independent subcontractors. "Our expressed goal is to equip our clients to do strategic planning and market intelligence on their own," says founder and principal consultant John Stiernberg. "We work discreetly behind-the-scenes, reporting to those who are empowered to move plans forward. Our competitive edge is indeed our comprehensive and strategic focus. We teach our clients how to develop and implement business plans and programs, and then guide them through the process. In addition to solving short term problems, the role of the consultant is to make the client self-sufficient in the long run."

Prior to founding Stiernberg Consulting in 1993, John Stiernberg worked for manufacturers including Bose, dbx, and Infinity Systems in a number of sales, marketing, and management positions. Drawing from these experiences as well as a diverse professional background as a sales and marketing executive, product manager, business owner, author, and publisher, he has managed sales forces, launched products, developed staff organizations, and written countless business plans, magazine articles, and a book: Succeeding in Music: Business Chops for Performers and Songwriters (published by Hal Leonard).

Joining John on the roster of principal consultants at Stiernberg Consulting is Jeanne Stiernberg. With over 30 years experience in the audio and communication disorders field, Jeanne's expertise lies at the intersection where the AV electronics industry meets the auditory and speech communication fields. A specialist within the realm of applied strategic planning and competitive analysis, she has written over 60 articles for trade magazines and is in constant demand as a keynote speaker and seminar presenter.

Jeanne Stiernberg adds, “Our clients bring us in when they want a fresh perspective to deal with the opportunities and challenges in our evolving and dynamic industry. We give them an objective, inside perspective on the industry and an outside perspective on their business.”

Among other professional affiliations, Stiernberg Consulting is a member of AES, CEA, NAMM, NSCA, CEDIA, InfoComm, NARAS, and the American Federation of Musicians. Since 2001, the firm has also produced the quarterly Marketing Intelligence Briefings series for the NSCA.

"We believe that shared knowledge and experience is essential to team building, business growth, and the overall health of our industry," John Stiernberg adds. "To that end, we'd like to thank all of our clients past and present who have engaged our services and helped keep us growing over the past 15 years. It is our goal to continue to thrive and prosper together."

From Stiernberg Consulting, 15468 La Maida Street, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 818-784-8618,


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