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Steve Shelley's New Book Is Now Available

LD Steve Shelley is excited (and relieved) that "A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, Second Edition" is not only completed, but now in the warehouse and shipping. He has announced that Focal Press has extended an introductory 20% discount, or $9.99 off the cover price of $49.95, at, order the book, and when checking out, enter the following Promotional Code: YT007. This offer is good until the end of October, so make Steve happy and save some money at the same time.

"While they asked for the second edition to be 25% new or different, things got a little out of hand," says Shelley. "This new edition expands the original 300 page text to 480 pages. There are over sixty new topics, twenty new forms, and fifteen new drafting presentations."

LD Jim Moody, who also has a new book out this season, wrote this endorsement for the back cover: "If you are looking for esoteric design theory, this is not the book for you. However, if you need a get-down-to-business, everything you think you needed to know, nothing left out, lists of questions you should ask, answers you should consider, check lists, and the most extensive graphic layout of forms and focus information in any book, then this second edition has answered all your questions and a bunch you didn't think you needed to know. You have got to have this book if you consider yourself a professional, period."

And Live Design's frquent contributor, Michael Eddy noted, "I highly recommend this book not just for students but for any practicing lighting designer. It should be the required text book for lighting design classes as this is the way the world of theatre lighting really works."

Look for Steve Shelley, Jim Moody, and Micheal Eddy at LDI2009 in Orlando, FL, October 16-24.

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