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StageCo Sued Over Tower Collapse

StageCo Sued Over Tower Collapse

dscn1152web.jpg(January 27, 2011) StageCo has been sued in Texas state court by Christie Lites for damages sustained when a 90-foot lighting tower erected by StageCo collapsed prior to a nationally televised motocross event at the historic Fort Worth Stockyards in June, 2009.

Christie Lites, Plaintiff in the lawsuit styled Cause No. 096 246397 10; Christie Lites Dallas, Inc. d/b/a Christie Lites v. StageCo U.S., Inc.; In the 96th Judicial District Court in and for Tarrant County, Texas alleges that StageCo was negligent in the design and construction of the tower. A specialized lighting array and equipment owned by Christie Lites, elevated atop the tower was totally destroyed.

Christie Lites CEO Huntly Christie commented that it was extremely fortunate that the collapse of the tower occurred just days prior to the scheduled event, with only physical damage to the lighting array, grandstands and general admission area. Had the tower collapsed during the event it might have caused severe injury and possible loss of life to spectators and field personnel.

Christie Lites has an outstanding safety record in the industry. Prior to this incident it has never had to take legal action against a fellow industry vendor.

Attempts to resolve this matter amicably have been frustrated by necessitating filing of the lawsuit.

Christie Lites is seeking actual damages in excess of $500,000, and to ensure that this type of incident does not jeopardize public safety for future events, $1,000,000 in punitive damages.

Inquiries should be directed to Scott Douglas Cunningham, The Cunningham Law Firm, 7500 San Felipe, Suite 1010, Houston, Texas; (713) 273-8950, counsel for Christie Lites.


About Christie Lites

Christie Lites is a stage lighting business focused on rentals and production, offering a specific product mix to six different market segments: theatre, concert, trade show, TV & film, corporate presentations and special events. The company's consistent growth over the past 25 years has resulted in the establishment of 11 separate locations across North America.

Photo credit: Robert Roth

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