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Stage Research released new product - RF Scanner

Stage Research announced the development of a new product to scan for frequencies and log found problems to be used in frequency coordination. RF Scanner Version 1 is designed to use available hardware including the RF-Explorer, WiNRADiO, and the Lectrosonics VR. Additional hardware will be added in future releases. RF Scanner costs $39.00 and is available now from the Stage Research online store.

"Frequency coordination is becoming a necessity with more and more wireless devices. RF Guru goes a long way in providing the best combination of usable frequencies including knowing what TV frequencies to stay away from. But unless you have a scan of your venue, you might be missing some bad frequencies. RF Scanner is designed to use existing hardware to look for those bad frequencies for import into RF Guru." Says Carlton Guc. "We're excited about this new product to support our end users needs."

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