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Stage Research Offers Theatrical Design Interactive Software: Intuitive Instruction, Illustration, Articulation

Stage Research Offers Theatrical Design Interactive Software: Intuitive Instruction, Illustration, Articulation

stageStage Research, theatrical sound-and-lighting treasure-chest for a discerning industry-at-large, proudly offers a complete range of Theatrical Design Interactive discs (the cross-platform learning software) on their website.

Each selection is a comprehensive package designed to help students and stage-tech crew members attain and retain theories, concepts, facts and figures vital to their intricately-labored craft(s). As end-users of the program(s) develop and hence broaden their skills, their arsenal of knowledge and depth (attuned to the arts and sciences of the stage) is slated to grow insurmountably.

By clicking Stage Research's STORE tab online, shoppers can browse highlights of and information about each of the following rigorously-prepared, richly-themed discs, produced by Multimakers Multimedia:

Lighting 2.5:

This aural/visual instrument for grasping lighting-for-stage implements audio, photos, graphics, video, animation, text and a powerful interface for viewers' limitless discoveries of the realm. So much more than a step-by-step teaching tool, this software offers diagrams, definitions, hints, tips and tricks that each viewer can use later on in the real stage-world.

Topics include fundamentals such as functions of light and the properties affecting them, how lighting is used in the theatre, electricity and power, and lense options. Also offered are a look at angles and basic light systems, the lightplot, color, eye characteristics, play and production analyses, special effects, and how other elements (such as scenery, costumes, makeup, hair, sound and movement) should be taken into account when preparing lighting.

Sound Design:

Available for Windows and Mac, this exemplary DVD introduces beginners and pros alike to designing audio-for-stage, and explains complex ideas and equipment through practice materials and clips.

Included are sound basics, ear fundamentals, mics, recording, mixing, playback and effects-processing hardware, speakers, cables, script analysis and production development, creation and procurement, implementation and Cue Plot. Also featured are projects and additional resources for well-rounded comprehension.

MakeUp 1.0:

This series of 6 special DVDs discusses and demonstrates application of makeup-for-stage. With teacher-as-model, each disc contains 2 or 3 complete lessons for approximately 54 minutes of creation-inspiring video. As a bonus, alternate designs and time lapse looks are included to help one note the variety of choices available as well as transformations.

Examined within the mix are corrective makeup, a brief history of makeup in the West, aging oneself, hyperfeminine/"Drag", beards/facial hair, nose (and tooth) wax, cuts/bruises, horror, cross-gender, kabuki and animal. Each disc also contains "There's nothing wrong with your face", the skull, facial photography, facial rendering (with outline sheets), choosing base color, removing makeup, cleaning brushes, makeup morgue and makeup kits.

Basic Stagecraft (coming soon):

This CD provides a virtual tour of a well-equipped theatre complex, and describes various entertainment industry tools and techniques. Videos contained therein include band saw, drill press, mitre ("chop") saw, painting techniques, radial arm saw, standing sander and table saw. Photos/animations/information include dust collection systems, flats, general safety, ladders, wood: board stock and wood: sheet stock.

This easy-to-use virtual-reality-based disc also links to the Tool Cage and Theatre, including hand tools (manual, pneumatic, power), theatre hardware, house, stage, control booth, rigging/fly system, soft goods, traps, genie, catwalks, loading rail, and more.

Affordably-priced and at-your-fingertips, these amazing software tools (available through Stage Research) afford encyclopedic learning environments, and are pleasant-to-use. They also provide welcome sensory stimulation which will enrich any theatrical-based educational program, as well as the individual viewing experience.

As novices and seasoned veterans come closer to a full understanding of the nature and flavor of their particular field(s), new horizons for pioneering these technologies will bring forth further contributions to the vast theatre-craft storehouse of knowledge. The people at Stage Research are glad to help bring the scope of this vision a huge step toward reality.

About Stage Research

Stage Research is the developer of SFX, SoftPlot, LightFactory, ShowBuilder: Sound Design and other audio and lighting software. For more information, call 1-888-267-0859 or visit

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