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St. Louis-We have found the spirit

St. Louis is beautiful. Bright and 66 degrees. Good drive coming in through Indiana into Illinois and now MO.

We just finished up at Suzanne Sessions Inc., a design firm that specializes in theme park design. Jason Coale, staff designer (and free-lance scene designer) showed us around the office and gave us some insight into their process and a great discussion about design ensued. It is a great environment here. We will be wrapping up soon and heading to Kansas City.

I am excited for the conference!

Tonight, I will meet with other sound designers for a session we are in tomorrow about sound design for dance. Come check it out!

Looking forward seeing old friends and making some new ones. I think I will shoot for 3 new friends, maybe more if I feel crazy.

Still feeling the effects of last night a bit but we are staying positive! Living in Massachusetts and hopping down to NYC all the time, I forgot about all the inside smoking that my home state if Indiana still allows.

Indiana, it is time for a change. I felt like a smoked cigarette when I woke up this morning. My favorite coat needs a fine Kansas City dry-cleaner.



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