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Spotlight Srl Showcases Extensive Theatrical Lighting Range at ABTT 2011

Spotlight Srl Showcases Extensive Theatrical Lighting Range at ABTT 2011


Spotlight will show a selection of its extensive range of theatrical lighting fixtures and accessories at the 2011 ABTT exhibition in London, where it will have its own dedicated section on the stand of exclusive UK distributor, A.C Entertainment Technologies Ltd - Stand 138 in the Lawrence Hall.

The Spotlight display will feature a preview of the new Midi LED Zoom RGBW Profile 200W fixture and Midi LED Zoom RGBW Wash 200W - a 'twin' version of the successful Midi LED Zoom RGBW Wash 100W offering double the brightness and coverage. The high intensity LED module features an adjustable zoom from 12° to 50°. With the combination of RGB and white LEDs, it can generate a near infinite mix of colours as well as pre-determined whites ranging from 2900K to 6000K. Each Midi LED module can work either as a single unit with its own yoke, or be assembled with other modules in lines or square formats to create larger, more powerful and diverse effects. The standard front filters can be swapped for softer diffusion, asymmetrical beam spreads or a more concentrated beam with saturated colours.

The Spotlight Pole Operated theatrical lighting range is ideal for safe and easy adjustment of static lighting fixtures without the need for any working at height equipment, making it ideal for educational establishments, amateur theatres, conference auditoriums, tradeshow stands and performance venues. The Pole Operated system enables manual adjustment of conventional lighting from the ground. Venue staff and students can be in safe control of their theatrical lanterns' pan, tilt and focusing without the need for ladders or scaffold towers, making the system an ideal lower cost alternative where using motorised versions of fixtures is not possible.

The Spotlight RP 1280 Beamlight has a parabolic reflector for long throws and an adjustable concentrated beam particularly suitable for large theatres and open areas where high intensities of light are needed in a precise area 50 metres or more away. The low voltage halogen lamp is 50% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, producing a whiter light, a constant colour temperature and longer life. The lamp focussing means that the beam can be adjusted to the stage requirements, and the 'fast fit' socket enables lamps to be quickly replaced without waiting for device cooling or needing the unit to be re-focused.

Spotlight's range of fresnels is extensive, featuring a wide selection of luminaires ranging from 300W to 5kW with flexible and dynamic features. Models shown on the stand will include the Combi 05 F - available in 300, 500 and 650W versions, offering a soft edged beam, variable 7 to 62° 110 mm borosilicate lens with optional barn doors; the Combi 50 F, a 5K fixture with soft edged beam which is variable from 9.5 to 57°, with a 250 mm borosilicate lens; the Sintesi Area 12 a 1000/1200W unit with a soft-edged beam variable between 7 and 53°, 150 mm borosilicate lens and optional barn doors; the Area 25 is a 2000/2500 W lamp with variable beam from 7 to 65°; and the Mini Fresnel NO is a very compact sized fixture, available in 300 and 500W versions with 7.5 to 53° variable beam.

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