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Spotlight lights Spanish cultural events in Sitges

Spotlight lights Spanish cultural events in Sitges

Spotlight lights Spanish cultural events in Sitges

What, for 14 years, was the European design centre of Audi - Seat and Volkswagen is now reborn as a cultural art centre to host lots of different events in the area of Barcelona.

Modern, clean and simple design but high-impact, characterized by the quality of all materials, this cultural centre now houses a main room of about 700 square meters with a height of 4.70 meters and a banquet room able to accommodate up to 650 people.

The cultural centre also consists of a theatre hall with 520 seats (which, thanks to an ingenious automated system can be folded and placed in both ends of the room, hidden from view by fake walls): a large space that can be split into two smaller rooms, in case of need.

In accordance with the high quality required for all materials used in this cultural centre, the lighting system is provided by Spotlight.

The Atrezzo Spanish Company has provided through the Spotlight exclusive distributor for Spain, over 50 projectors of the PAR and Synthesis families, designed and constructed by Spotlight, the Italian leading Company in professional lighting for the performing arts and the architectural market.

To light this multi-functional space has been used different PAR 64 and projectors with Fresnel (Area 12) and PC lens (Vario 12) but also profile zoom fixtures (Figure 12 ZS): fixtures with die-cast extruded aluminium housing, characterized by durability, Long-Lasting Performance, safety, quality and low operating costs.

Spotlight's products combine at the best tradition, improved in 40 years of experience in theatrical lighting, innovation and technology research to develop ever more efficient fixtures: the ideal mix for a structure, like this Spanish cultural centre, maintaining the characteristics of the architecture above, such as high ceilings and large bright spaces, restructured in the light of an architectural, cultural and social vanguard.

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