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Speed Zone!  Elation Revs Up For NAMM 2013  With Faster Moving Heads, Razor-Sharp Beams

Speed Zone! Elation Revs Up For NAMM 2013 With Faster Moving Heads, Razor-Sharp Beams

ANAHEIM, CA – (For Immediate Release) – Beams of light will be darting faster than ever around Elation Professional’s booth #5774 at Winter 2013 NAMM, held here January 24-27. That’s because the company is introducing a couple of moving heads that crash through new speed barriers, including the Rayzor Q7, the fastest LED moving head Elation has ever made – and the smallest, most powerful LED wash/beam in its class. Also making its debut at NAMM is a speedier version of Elation’s popular Platinum Beam 5R ACL beam effect, called the Platinum Beam 5R Extreme.

Another new product premiering in its next-generation form is the Platinum Spot LED Pro – now with a motorized zoom and built-in wireless DMX. Here’s a closer look at these exciting NAMM highlights from Elation:

rayzorq7.jpgRayzor Q7 -- The smallest (9.25” x 5.5” x 12.5”) and fastest moving head LED wash/beam that Elation has introduced to date, this little dynamo will dramatically cut through other visual effects in a room with its powerful “Rayzor”-sharp 7°-angle beam, breathtaking speed and high-output Quad Color LEDs. It features a new high-speed 3-phase motor technology, which make its eye-popping, colorful beams literally fly around the room. Weighing just 11 lbs. (5 kg.), the Rayzor Q7 offers unsurpassed brightness for its size (5,442 lux at 4 meters), harnessing the power of 7 x 15-watt 50,000-hour-rated OSRAM Quad-Color RGBW LEDs, which also provide the ultimate in smooth, shadow-free color-blending. If that’s not enough, the Rayzor Q7 allows you to put added eye candy into your designs with zonal chase effects; its 7 LEDs can be controlled and chased in 4 independent zones. Other features include a variable strobe (1-18 flashes per second); 0-100% dimming; 8 built-in macros; 540°/630° Pan and 265° Tilt; and RDMX Remote DMX Addressing). Optional accessories are also available (sold separately), including a snoot lens cover and diffusion filter holder. Featuring 5-pin DMX as standard, the Rayzor Q7 can be operated in 3 DMX-channel modes (15, 17 and 28-channel) for versatile programming options.

platinumbeam5rextreme.jpgPlatinum Beam 5R Extreme – Since its debut last year, Elation’s original Platinum Beam 5R extreme ACL beam effect has become wildly popular among top lighting designers, appearing everywhere from Super Bowl XLVI Village to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Now the company has pushed down the accelerator on this “searchlight” beam fixture with the introduction of the Platinum Beam 5R Extreme, a next-evolution version featuring new 3-phase motors that greatly amp up its speed. In addition to being a speedster, the Platinum Beam 5R Extreme has a new advanced optical design and a remote focus, giving users the ability to create razor-sharp extreme ACL projections. Featuring a 3° beam angle, the Platinum Beam 5R Extreme is loaded with effects, including: 8 rotating gobos; 8-facet rotating prism; 12 colors; CTO, CTB and UV; and a dimmer and strobe. A wireless DMX option is also offered. Powered by an advanced 189-watt Philips Platinum 5R lamp, the Platinum Beam 5R Extreme produces the output of a much larger discharge fixture: 100K lux @ 15meters.

platinumspotledpro.jpgPlatinum Spot LED Pro – The next generation of Elation’s Platinum Spot LED moving head, the Platinum Spot LED Pro offers some great new features, including a motorized 15°-34 ° zoom and a built-in EWDMX wireless DMX receiver. When used with an Elation EWDMXT wireless transmitter (sold separately), it can receive DMX signals wirelessly from up to 3,000 feet away. This wireless capability, combined with the Platinum Spot LED Pro’s small size, makes it a convenient fixture to set-up and handle. A 140-watt LED moving head spot, it produces an output comparable to that of a 250-watt discharge fixture. Like the original, the Platinum Spot LED Pro includes all the features needed to create great lighting designs: 8 dichroic static colors; 14 gobos (7 rotating/indexing, 7 replaceable static; 3-facet rotating/indexing prism; motorized iris; motorized focus; variable speed shutter/strobe; and smooth 0-100% electronic dimming. It features 3 DMX operational modes (14/16/21 channel), and both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connectors.

See these and other exciting new products at Elation Professional’s NAMM Booth #5774.

For more information, contact the company toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit

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