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‘Space’ Launches: New Audio Technology Set to Rock Events Industry

‘Space’ Launches: New Audio Technology Set to Rock Events Industry

Space Technology enables resonant free sound Audio innovators unlock the solution to ‘pure sound’... First product ‘Space S1’ launches

Audio at events is set to further improve with the launch of Space Technology, a groundbreaking new development from Flare Audio. The technology delivers an immediacy of sound with unbeaten clarity and detail, and is set to open up a new frontier in sound experience.

Space is the latest development from UK based audio manufacturing innovators Flare Audio Ltd. Space Technology achieves this giant leap in audio quality by banishing resonance. Where other speaker designs strive to control resonance and internal reflections through enclosure design and dampening; Flare doesn’t do damage control. Flare speaker designs are believed to be the first in the world to prevent resonance or internal reflections being created in the first place. No resonance means no rear-reflected sound wave damage, which leads to pure sound, audible exactly as the artist intended.

Delivering superior sound quality, Space Technology can be scaled to every level of use with NO deterioration of quality. The same true sound created in the studio can be delivered to every audience; whether at a live concert or listening through a home or car audio system.

The first product, Space S1, is now launched; a reference speaker targeted to recording studio and DJ markets. Flare’s ongoing commitment to research and development has resulted in this advancement to professional monitoring. With preview units already achieving acclaim from industry, Space S1 gives music playback an immediacy of presence that “puts the artist in the room”.

Future products encompassing Space Technology include Space X5; a live music product with unsurpassed noise control and unmatched size/power ratio, planned for release early 2013.

The full range will see all audio needs being met, from delivering premium, controllable live events sound, to enabling engineers and artists to achieve true sound in the studio, to delivering the same quality and sound detail to end users in their homes.

Space products are based on the principle of Waveform Integrity (Wi), a White Paper for which is available on the company’s website.

Space S1

“The amount of detail is incredible…” Colin Barlow of RCA, Sony UK

“These [speakers] are really quite amazing...” Chris Kimsey, Producer, Rolling Stones, Peter Frampton, Duran Duran

Made from solid block aerospace aluminum and packing a huge punch for a unit measuring 200mm x 320mm x 130mm, Space S1 features two patent pending technologies, producing an incredible acoustic characteristic that delivers an unrivalled accuracy. S1 has not only been developed for its exceptional sound quality but to provide artists and engineers with a reliable and trusted point of reference that provides a true acoustic interpretation of their source material. Weighing in at 10kg / 22lbs, features include rotatable HF waveguide, multiple dispersion options, Flare Audio Neodymium drivers, 125Hz-32Hz frequency response and 6.5” 125w / 1” 50w bi-amped power handling.

For a demonstration of Space or to take part in the distribution of this revolutionary technology, contact Flare Audio on: +44 (0)1903 761000 or email: [email protected] To receive information and updates on the Space range and coming products ahead of the rest, link to Flare Audio on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Launch date: Additional Products - early 2013

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