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LiveDesign Vancouver
Solotech In And Around Vancouver

Solotech In And Around Vancouver


It's no surprise that Canada's own Solotech (with offices in Montreal, Quebec, and Las Vegas) picked up a few opportunities to supply gear for events in Vancouver surrounding the Olympics.

Dean Roney of Solotech International Touring reports that the company provided three giant water screens with three double stacks of Christie Digital HD 25K projectors at LiveCity Yaletown and LiveCity Downtown, both Live Nation sites that featured live stages and pavilions.

In addition, more than 20 fiber optic network connections over a kilometer long provided the HD video signal with audio embedded for the Coca-Cola Pavilion, Vancouver House, Acer Pavilion, Canadian Pavilion, Manitoba House, Live in Live City Pavilion, and some of Live Nation's production offices.

All video control for broadcast was housed in a 30'x8' trailer with 14 monitors, six full HD cameras, six different HD satellite signals, and two HD feeds through the fiber optic city network, the OBSV (Olympic Broadcasting Services Vancouver) and the IBC (International Broadcast Center) for live broadcast on the giant screens on either side of the stage provided by Panasonic.

Panasonic Pavilion at LiveCity Yaletown

Solotech also provided eight video technicians for both the Downtown and Yaletown LiveCity sites: Philippe Valade, Eric "Balou" Chartrand, Martin Perreault, Sébastien Lamoureux, Louis Lefèbvre, Philippe Chiasson, Barrie Roney, and video crew chief, Jean-François Marin.

As previously reported, Solotech worked with E/T/C Audiovisuel's Patrice Bouqueniaux, supplying the projectors for the opener (Christie Digital Roadster HDs) and closer, as well as for the Paralympics.

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