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The Smallest Pro LED Fixture In The World - The BRICKBLASTER Pro

The Smallest Pro LED Fixture In The World - The BRICKBLASTER Pro

Ultra Compact 1200 Lumen BRICKBLASTER PROThe BRICKBLASTER PRO by The Black Tank, Inc., at 4" cubed and 50 Watts, is the world's smallest modular color changing LED fixture. Using latest Rebel LED Lumiled technology and an innovative, patent pending, thermal management system, it is capable of outputting 1200 Lumens and keeping cool while doing it. This fixture comes configured standard as a Red, Green, Blue and White (RGBW) or as a tunable Warm White/Cool White.

The BRICKBLASTER PRO's unique design allows it to be reconfigured in the field in linear arrays allowing multiple units to be connected to brighter and more intense combinations.

The BRICKBLASTER PRO can be controlled using two universes of full speed 8 or 16 bit DMX512 or by selecting internal preprogrammed effects using the rear mounted LCD panel. A fixture set in Manual or Color Wash mode will output DMX allowing for multi-light synchronization. These options make the BRICKBLASTER PRO ideal for users with or without an external control source.

Additional features include, automatic thermal shut down, flicker-free operation, low noise fan, 120VAC Neutrik Powercon Input, 5-Pin DMX connections, LCD control panel with intuitive user interface, three user selectable tungsten dimming curves and many more.

This BRICKBLASTER PRO is designed to allow for field replacement of key components including the LED module, power supply, control board and fan. The fixture is sold individually or in custom ruggedized, watertight road cases in two or eight pack bundles. To fit all applications, the BRICKBLASTER PRO also comes standard with three different holographic light shaping diffusing films: 20, 40 and 60 degree are included with each light.

Check out the video below, our website ( or come see the brick in action at LDI in The Black Tank booth #2338.

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