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Siyan Invests in More Robe MMX Spots

Siyan Invests in More Robe MMX Spots


Leading UK lighting rental company Siyan invested in additional Robe MMX Spots to keep up with the demand for these popular fixtures and a busy autumn order book.

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire based Siyan, headed by Nick Valdez, services numerous tours, shows and events including a healthy pick of exciting ‘bands of the moment’. The company also has a reputation for nurturing and producing new and emerging young lighting designers, operators / programmers and technicians.

Half of the new 24 MMX fixtures went directly out on tour with Feeder, where they were specified by LD Ewan McRobb and used as the main lights on the rig. McRobb had also taken some of Siyan’s original batch of MMXs out on the Bryan Adams tour at the end of 2011. Siyan recently had MMX Spots out on Skunk Anansie’s European tour with LD Andy “Foxy” Smyth, which ran throughout November.

Nick Valdez explains, “The MMX Spot has become increasingly popular this year, I keep getting very good feedback from users and they are appearing more frequently on specs. So it was a simple decision – buy more!”

He adds, “There is a lot of light output for such a compact fixture, and the excellent feature set is a real bonus”.

The MMX Spot – launched at PLASA 2011 – weighs 25 Kgs and is brighter than a standard 1200W fixture. Key features include a unique dual graphics wheel – two fully contra-rotating plates that can be positioned anywhere in the light-path to produce complex and subtle texturing and effects.

Valdez says, “For companies of our size, the ‘smaller, lighter, brighter’ fixtures are definitely an ‘essential’ for rental stock”. They give tours where truck space is limited or at a premium the chance to have many more fixtures onboard and using them can ensure that even bus-and-trailer Specials packages can be hugely more versatile with additional lights and some serious ‘bang-for-buck’.

Siyan also has also invested in Robe LEDWash 600s which are constantly on hire – most recently on tours with Bat For Lashes, (LD Leela Otremba), BBC Radio 1 Xtra, and Level 42 to name a few.

Another recent Robe purchase has been in the super-small ‘handbag’ size LEDBeam 100, ideal for multiple applications, and so small, light and bright that they can be squeezed into almost any space – to spectacular effects!

Photo shows Siyan MD Nick Valdez with some of his new Robe MMX Spots

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