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ShowTex stage drapes accent Eurovision performances

Eurovision2010ShowTex supplied all stage drapes and decorative fabrics for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo's Telenor arena. Marjon Franken of the Dutch ShowTex office is a longtime Eurovision fan, "The curtains and stage motion systems had to be gorgeous and versatile for this show. Each of the 39 performances had their own unique look and feel. Thomas Nysveen, Kirsten Weltzin, Bonsak Schieldrop, Audun Stjern and Trond Olav Erga from this year's host broadcaster NRK the Norsk Rikskringkasting AS created the amazing stage. Al Gurdon was the Lighting Designer."

The round stage featured a ShowTex Kabuki modular drop system, DekoSilk semi-sheer Venetia drapes and projection surfaces, Choucroute Heavy, PolyStretch dimensional sculptures, Molton CS backdrops, DekoTaft wall drapes, and ShowLED Chameleon RGB starcloth systems.

For the top ten placing Belgian entry by Tom Dice, Me and My Guitar, ShowTex Molton CS masked light perfectly and ShowLED Chameleon starcloths sparkled behind the lone troubadour. With robots, pyrotechnics, and tough guys, MaNga, the Eurovision entry from Turkey, had a wild set. Good thing the Molton CS backdrops are inherently flame retardant.

During the dramatic vocals of the Belarus group 3+2, the black DekoSilk Venetia curtains added a touch of classicism and theater. A natural silk fabric with a 3 meter width, DekoSilk is lighter than air onstage. It featured as a sheer diffuser for the LED lights of the ShowLED starcloths, and as a colourful accent to the circular stage design.

For Ireland's Niamh Kavanagh, audiences had to be transported to the emerald isle and back again. The black Choucroute Heavy is a non woven matting that adds depth and texture. For this set, circles were cut out of the fabric but it still retained its structure beautifully. As the green lights faded away, a warm glow took over from the ShowLED Chameleon starcloth curtains.

The quickest way to amaze an audience? A Kabuki drop system. Reveal the top act, unveil a new product, or just make sure a curtain disappears, fast! For Eurovision, the ShowTex Kabuki's modular system allowed for a circular installation. Grey DekoSilk served as a vanishing and reappearing projection surface. Like magic. The unique design of the Kabuki ensures perfectly timed drops and will not release curtains in the event of a power outage.

The famous Eurovision green room was also decked out in ShowTex soft goods. Artists came here to relax after performances, but it's also where the tv crews get the most spontaneous reactions to the voting scores. It's almost as dramatic as the show itself. ShowLED Chameleon starcloths covered all the walls, and curved custom seating lit from within and covered in PolyStretch finished off the look.

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