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ShowTex presents a new acoustic solution for stages and venues at its PLASA FOCUS debut.

ShowTex presents a new acoustic solution for stages and venues at its PLASA FOCUS debut.

The PLASA FOCUS show will be the launching point for several new in-house developments.

ShowTex Acoustic BaffleThe Acoustic Baffle from ShowTex proves ecology and noise level control can go hand in hand. The new acoustic fabric panels are made from 100% recycled material compressed together to optimize sound conditions. The Acoustic Baffle comes in 2 sizes and can be installed modularly for extra flexibility. By combining the two standard formats, nearly any height or area can be covered. The Acoustic Baffle can be installed as a ceiling lining or around curves and corners. Custom formats and /or colours are available by request. The panels are finished off with Velcro for connecting together easily and can be used for temporary and fixed installations.

Another development is the TMC 1000 track motor. A compact version of the ShowTex TMC track motor; it's ideal for smaller theatre companies and halls where needs are limited to opening and closing main curtains without regulating speed. The TMC 1000 can be controlled via remote control and features simple rope threading operation. It's compatible with ShowTex H100, Showpipe, 3-way, UniTrack and ShowTrack track systems and can also be controlled with a DMX Basic module.

The latest track accessories also include the ShowTex RotoDraper and the Heavy Load Scenery Carrier. Thanks to the flexible RotoDraper system, every size theatre, whether large or small, can optimize their sightlines. ShowTex developed two new systems for adjustable positioning of side leg curtains. The RotoDraper ST-Fix is for 360° turns. RotoDraper ST-Track is compatible with ShowTex track systems and allows for 360° turns and movement along the curtain track. The RotoDraper has a maximum width of 2m and comes with a handy brake system.

The heavy load scenery carrier is for loads of 100kg up to 350kg. The carrier can be attached to the chain of the ChainTrack with a comb connector. Carriers can also be joined together and are equipped with an emergency release system. If the first scenery carrier connected to the chain and motor gets blocked, the second one can be detached and the heavy load can still be moved manually.

ShowTex also presents an easy mobile system for the storage, handling, and laying out of vinyl dance flooring without any heavy lifting. The new EasyRoller Dancefloor Cart is the ideal all-in-one solution for theatres, dance companies, or production houses. The EasyRoller lets you store, transport, and install performance flooring, Marley vinyl, and ballet flooring quick and safely. Multiple rolls can be securely placed in the cart for storage and transport. The large edition fits 20m of Dancecarpet Jumbo dance flooring with a thickness of 1,8mm.

PolyStretch P8 has a unique 3 meter width and can stretch seamlessly up to 5 meters. Made from Trevira CS, the knit fabric meets the permanent flame retardant standard B1. Ideal for marquee builders, P8 is finished off with a rubber strip for easy tensioning into a marquee profile. PolyStretch P8 ensures a modern, clean decorative finish and a huge choice of colours.

The popular Shakespeare, Molière, and Goethe flame retardant cotton velour velvets developed by ShowTex are the first in the industry to be awarded OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. For almost 20 years, the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 has been acknowledged as the world's most comprehensive and verifiable method for ensuring that textile products and the supply chains that create them do not use hazardous chemicals such as pesticides, carcinogenic dye stuffs, heavy metals, or other concerning substances that can hurt people and damage the environment.

Shakespeare velvet velour is 100% cotton, weighs 500g/m2 and meets flame retardant standards NFP-M1 * BS-2B. The wide range of rich colours and subtle draping make it a theatre standard for main curtains or stage masking. The all cotton Molière drapes have a plush upright pile, weigh in at 600g/m2 and also meet the strict NFP-M1 * BS-2B flame retardant standards.

The Ultrablack Shakespeare, Molière and Goethe velvets absorb more than 99% of incoming light across the whole visible spectrum making these the blackest curtains in existence.

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