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ShowTex Middle East launches new print cube profiles at PALME 2011

ShowTex Middle East launches new print cube profiles at PALME 2011

showtex print frame ShowTex Middle East launches new print cube profiles and dmx controlled stage motion systems at PALME 2011 Stands P40 and Q40:The Middle East's Leading Professional Audio, Lighting, Music, AV, Systems Integration and Entertainment Technologies Event from 26 - 28 April 2011 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, United Arab Emirates.

Print Cubes and Acoustic panel profiles: The new single, double, and 45 ° angle print frame profiles from ShowTex create endless possibilities for mounting display fabrics, custom printed canvases, and acoustic paneling for events, trade shows, and stage design. Combine profiles with corner pieces for quick and easy construction of print cubes that allow for 6 visible print surfaces with nearly invisible seams. The unique design of the profile means that the cube is held together by the tension of the fabric, so no additional support structures are required. Integrate LED components into flame retardant 3 dimensional fabric displays for a decorative feature to fit any theme or design. Profiles are made to measure and specially developed for extra large print and panel sizes.

ShowTex Middle East presents a collection of flame retardant stage and event fabrics, projection screens, studio cloths, theatrical drapes, and track and movement systems to visitor's at this year's PALME trade show. The stand design also features the latest technology in high quality detailed print canvases and sleek new profiles for large scale display prints and printed fabric structures.

A range of inventive motion systems and dmx controllers developed by Wahlberg light and motion design will also be presented by ShowTex at PALME 2011. The Winch 10 and Winch 50 are ideal for lifting and moving minor props, screens, carpets, and decorative fabrics. Speed and positioning are made possible by 16 bit DMX channel control at the lighting desk. Both systems, have a built-in positioning system with millimeter precision. For weight capacities of 10 or 50 kg.

ShowTex adds a new Roll Up system to its stage hardware range. The Hi Speed Roll Up is an ultra-fast, heavy duty motorized roll-up system for heights up to 15 meters and widths up to 60m. It can lift up to 150 kg at a speed of 1,5 m/second. The ShowTex Hi Speed Roll Up features a unique positioning control via DMX and is easy to assemble, easy to tour. To complete the range, ShowTex also presents the Wahlberg Roll Up system for lifting heights up to 12 meters and a weight capacity of 25kg. DMX control allows for precise positioning.

The DC motor controller 70w and AC motor controller 370w/2200kw are great tools for controlling advanced mechanical stage movements via DMX. Direction, speed and position are controlled from the light¬ing desk and with simple programming the movements can be adjusted in each individual case.

Rounding out the ShowTex track movement systems on display is the Vertical ChainTrack. Created for heavy duty motorized precision vertical movement of lights, fabrics, set pieces, and stage elements, it allows users to increase the number of possible lighting posi¬tions, create dynamic wave movement in stage fabrics, and much more. Combine with the TMC DMX Pro motor and Controller for live integration into show by setting the 3 DMX channels in real time or programmed positioning with millimeter precision.

Please contact Jessica Ballenger for more information or images

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mobile +32 476 467 706

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