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Show Update

Show Update

A Midnight Cry Set

Above is the set design for A Midnight Cry.

I am currently finishing up the plot for both of the shows tonight. Rehearsal today was pretty hectic, since both shows were rehearsing at the same time; one on stage and the other in the rehearsal room. I was back and forth between the shows all day trying to catch the more important moments of each show. Another kind of last minute surprise was how big the puppet for the BFG would be in the last part of the show. I would estimate it to be around 9'0”. This would not be as much of a concern if the dead-hung truss height was higher than it's current at 15'0”. Getting light on the giant is certainly possible, but it's not the ideal use of my limited instruments that have to work for two shows. Needless to say, something will get worked out.

Now for any gear heads out there wondering what type of luxurious gig I've got going on below is a rough list of what I'm working with.

Instrument Qty. Wattage

6x16 --------6----1000 watts

6x12 --------12---1000 watts

6x9 ---------2----500 watts

6” Fresnel --24---500 watts

6” Fresnel --4----1000 watt

Par 64 ------14---500 watts

Par 56 ------2----300 watts

Par 38 ------4----200 watts

Mini-Strips -4----3-cell


A glorious 24 – 6K Dimmers

24 Dimmer Rack 6K

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