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Show Technology to distribute coolux in Australia

Show Technology to distribute coolux in Australia

Show TechnologyShow Technology has been appointed the exclusive Australian distributor for the German

manufacturer coolux GmbH. The coolux range of products includes the Pandora's Box Digital

Media Engine and a diverse collection of digital content.

”With the convergence of video and lighting at a fast rate, we have had some “heavy duty”

requests from designers and customers that our existing media server products couldn't fulfil,”

explained Emmanuel Ziino, managing director of Show Technology when questioned about his

decision to take on distribution of coolux. “coolux is a highly regarded company that has very

smart people behind it. Its reputation is justified by a product range that is at the premium end of

the market that has won accolades worldwide. We look forward to a successful partnership.”

Not just a media server but a creative tool for the imagination, coolux's Pandora's Box is a

hardware/software tool that provides total control of all visual elements for stunning presentations.

A bridge between lighting and real-time digital image compositing, Pandora's Box allows the

user to manipulate images and videos freely in three-dimensional space on up to 12 layers.

Physically accurate keystone correction, for extreme projection angles and for round or curved

surfaces, means that what you see on screen really is what you see on stage. The multi-screen,

vertical and horizontal soft-edge blending capabilities of Pandora's Box accommodate unusual

screen shapes and non-standard aspect ratios.

The Pandora's Box systems' ability to work with complex geometries, and almost any screen

shape as well as the scalable architecture make it a very powerful tool as the needs and designs

change for the user in real life situations. The totally scalable nature of the system makes for a

cost effective system that can grow or be changed as needed. Being able to map media onto

any 2D or 3D shape allows the operator and designer to deliver their vision on any surface, from

very simple to the most unique and complex.

With features such as HD playback, geometry correction and warping, and edge blending for

large scale video projection, it's no wonder that coolux received an Emmy® Engineering Plaque

for outstanding achievement in engineering.

Show Technology is proud and excited to introduce coolux's Pandora's Box to the Australian

event industry. With its' ability to integrate and control media distribution, projection, lighting,

sound and more, Pandora's Box finds its application in wide spread areas from television, trade

shows, architectural installs, museums, theme parks, digital signage, corporate shows, events

to theatre, rock'n'roll touring productions and Broadway shows.

“Pandora's Box is the start of a new era inmedia control,” comments lighting designer Paul

Collison who has been making himself familiar with the product over the past few months. “It is

a tool that is just as good running from a lighting console in the lighting department, or sitting

beside a vision switcher in the vision department. It is a serious video product built with versatility

in mind."

”I've used a fair few and varied types of media servers over the last few yeas. One thing I've

come to understand is that they tend to be similar to lights. By that I mean you really need to

research your requirements and use the right one on a project by project basis. A media server

or player that is appropriate for one job may not be the right tool for the next."

”I love the scalability of the coolux range. Like the grand MA range of consoles, there is a tool

for every job. I can go from controlling 2500 moving lights down to 12 dimmer channels and

still use the same software. Likewise with coolux, I can use a simple media player for rolling out

loops or I can run dozens of Media Servers on a network for larger shows."

Helmut Protte from coolux states: “We had been searching for a business partner to distribute our products in Australia for quite

some time so we are now very pleased to have found our new partner, SHOW TECHNOLOGY.

We believe that SHOW TECHNOLOGY is the perfect partner for coolux because of its high

standards, state-of-the-art technical knowledge and high degree of professionalism. We are

certain that our customers in Australia will be well taken care of by SHOW TECHNOLOGY,

providing full service support for our products. We are looking forward to a long and very

successful relationship. Welcome to the coolux network!”

Vince Haddad, Show Technology's technical director, has received some very intense training

recently and is available to answer any queries. He can be contacted on

vhaddad(at) or 0419 898 222.

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