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Show Crew Network/CAPS

From The Show Floor:

Can I just say how exciting it is to see two companies look the industry in the eye and say, "We can be better?"

Show Crew Network and Caps Universal have teamed up to provide a really ground breaking booking and payroll system. It's not often you see these types of companies on the show floor, but I'm glad they're here. There are a lot of things to like.

One, any entity that gives industry workers power I'm all for. Show Crew Network (SCN) does just that, but allowing freelancers to set rates and post profiles. Two, I love the protections workers get. Their money gets deposited into an escrow account and payment is transacted a few days after the call. Three, I think it's critical to give employers a say in the workers they hire and SCN has done just that. With a rating system, everyone has the ability to see who plays well with others and who does not. That's how this industry works and it's rightfully programmed in. Four, the reporting features for both workers and employer are robust. Everyone likes data, and I think there is a lot of solid reporting built into this Web 2.0 platform. Five, the SCN acts as a exchange for negotiating rates in a low stress environment. A good flexibility tool in a tight economy and fluid market place.

It's not perfect. They only pay a 1099 right now, which as I've written about is ethically dubious and probably illegal. But they know and are working to fix the issue. Paring with Caps Universal, a payroll company, they are working to get W2 integration soon. Furthermore, it's nice to see a payroll company who understands our industry and is committed to educating companies about the 1099/W2 debate.

It makes me extremely excited to see entities like Show Crew Network and Caps Universal helping to make a real difference to our people. In a convention focused on things, this is a welcome beacon of light.

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