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Seventh (Holiday Light) Heaven!  Elation Shines At El Paso Christmas Light Show

Seventh (Holiday Light) Heaven! Elation Shines At El Paso Christmas Light Show

2012xmaslights.jpgEL PASO, TEXAS – (For Immediate Release) – For the past seven years, just about everyone who lives in El Paso (or anywhere near this west Texas city) has put at least one stop on their “must see” holiday attraction list: the home of business executive Fred Loya. Stretching nearly a city block in length, Loya’s residence features an amazing holiday light show worthy of a major tourist attraction.

Moving with lightning quick speed, the thousands of richly colored LEDs in the display dance and dart nimbly to a spirited selection of holiday music, transforming the entire street into a Christmas wonderland. Elation staff member Esteban De Torre, who designed the company’s award winning 2012 LDI light show, created the impressive holiday light display, pixel mapping the entire Loya home and doing the intricate time codes with Elation’s Compu Live DMX lighting software.

“The programming that Esteban did for the El Paso Christmas Light Show was stunning,” said Eric Loader, Director of Sales at Elation Professional. “This impressive holiday light show demonstrates what a talented designer can accomplish with our control and programming products. The Compu Live software is a powerful tool that can be used to create and generate scenes, cues, chases and shows easily. It synchronizes lighting scenes or cues to music, using a time line format.”

The show also uses 36 ELAR Tri Floods lighting the house, plus 12 Platinum Beam 5Rs and hundreds of Elation dimmer packs.

To view a video of the El Paso Christmas Light Show click here

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