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SERAPID Stage Lift at the New World Symphony in Miami Beach

The recent opening of the New World Center in Miami Beach, is home to the New World Symphony, America's Orchestral Academy. The building is designed by Frank Gehry and Partners and features a stage lift utilizing SERAPID LinkLift Lifting Columns.

The New World Symphony fellowship program is for graduates of distinguished music programs providing them the opportunity for leadership positions in orchestras and ensembles across the globe.

The Stage Lift features Four SERAPID LinkLift Lifting columns travelling 16'-3”. Because of the travel distance, coupled with the dynamic capacity, the SERAPID Lift is the only lift in the space that is utilized for both performances and load-in/load-out purposes.

SERAPID LinkLift columns feature square links that work like building blocks to form a tower stack. The shape and locking technique make it capable of extra-high rigidity and strength.

SERAPID is a leader in stage, orchestra and piano lifts. Their LinkLift lifting columns are installed in theaters, show venues and concert halls all over the world.

For more information, contact SERAPID at 800-663-4154 or on the web:

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