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SERAPID, Inc to Display Telesopic Mast at USITT 2011 Stage Expo

SERAPID, Inc will exhibit new lift equipment for the entertainment industry at the 2011 USITT Stage Expo in Charlotte, NC, March 10-12. The SERAPID Telescopic Mast is able support any type of equipment used in television, film, worship and performing arts production – including (but certainly not limited to) cameras, lights and microphones.

The Telescopic Mast is a self-guided lifting column, made of aluminum. The mast motion is powered by the SERAPID Rigid Chain – a telescopic mechanical actuator that is flexible in one direction and forms a steel beam in the other direction. It moves up and down smoothly, with no drift.

In addition to lifting, the masts can be mounted inversely from above so they can lower equipment from the ceiling or upper levels of the auditorium. They work horizontally as well.

SERAPID's lifting columns and horizontal motion systems provide simple solutions to many of the common challenges associated with stage engineering. The simple design helps keep the systems safe for on-stage performers. At the heart of all SERAPID products is the Rigid Chain – a chain capable of pushing, pulling and lifting with the strength of a steel column.

For additional information about the Telescopic Mast or any of SERAPID's Lifting Columns, or stage or orchesta platform lift systems, visit, e-mail [email protected], or stop by booth #682 during the USITT Stage Expo.

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