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SERAPID Announces New "ClownLauncher" at LDI 2009!

The ClownLauncher is the fastest trap lift known to the market today. It is used to carry actors, props, or scenic elements from underneath the stage up to stage level.

It is a self-contained, self-guided lift able to travel from 12 to 15 feet high. The SERAPID system is composed of three or four self-guided multiple rigid sections. The platform is mounted to the top section.

Features and Benefits:

• Fast! (Up to 2.5 feet per second)

• Simple to install

• Stable platform

• Portable – sets safely on the floor without anchoring or outriggers.

• Sets safely on the floor without anchoring or outriggers

• Built with SERAPID's Rigid Chain - renowned for its safety and reliability

For more informaiton on the ClownLauncher visit SERAPID at LDI, booth #215, or give them a call toll-free 800-663-4514 or directly at 586-274-0774. You can also send inquiries by e-mail: [email protected]

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