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Sennheiser Joins Kid Koala to Present Space Cadet, an Immersive Headphone Concert Experience to be Held in Montreal's Biosphère July 15-17

Concert by World Renowned Scratch DJ Will Feature Inflatable Space Pods, Along with State of the Art Wireless Headphones Provided by Sennheiser

Montreal – July 14, 2011 – Audio manufacturer Sennheiser announced that Sennheiser artist Kid Koala will be presenting an interactive multimedia concert experience between July 15 and 17 at the Biosphère, located within Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. The immersive headphone concert event, part of Kid Koala's Space Cadet Headphone Tour, is being presented by OSHEAGA as part of OSHEAGA ARTS and will feature inflatable 'space pods' fitted with state of the art wireless headphones provided by Sennheiser.

Kid Koala -- a world-renowned scratch DJ hailing from Montreal -- will perform on a piano and seven turntables. Since there is no traditional PA system to speak of during the performances, headphones will play a central role in the listening experience. Each audience member will be set up with individual headphone listening stations, complete with a pair of Sennheiser RS 116 open-air wireless headphones. Sennheiser's RS series wireless headphones were chosen for their ability to deliver a full frequency range of uncompressed audio with no coloration.

"The music for the Space Cadet Headphone Tour is quite cinematic and full of nuance," commented Kid Koala. "Headphones were the best way to present that detail in the sound. When I use in ear monitors (IEMs), I use the Sennheiser G2 system and it performs well. So when it came time to decide what to equip the audience with, we tested all the products and ended up using the best: Sennheiser."

Compared to a conventional concert using a live P.A. system, the headphone concert is unique because it enables each audience member to hear the exact same thing at the same time. In a typical concert environment, different frequencies reach different parts of the venue at different times. For example, those seated in the mezzanine of a venue -- where the ceilings are typically lower -- may not hear the highest frequencies and also be subject to exaggerated lower frequencies. Since the audience headphone mix comes straight from the Front of House stereo output, it is a more precise sonic reflection of what the artist intended.

An inspiring venue to accompany great sound

The event will be held at the Biosphère -- a spectacular event venue and an environment museum within Montreal's Parc Jean-Drapeau. The Biosphère -- which was originally the vision of Buckminster Fuller -- has been an architectural landmark in Montreal since Expo 67. The Environment Museum provides insight and exhibits on important environmental issues, and the facility incorporates green technology such as wind turbines, green roofs, a geothermal system, marsh wastewater treatment, and solar panels. The Space Cadet Gallery -- which attendees can visit prior to the show -- features Space Plant Sculpture installations, an interactive Music Spaceship Console, even a Space Cadet Soundtrack Cassette Jukebox.

"Sennheiser is proud to play an integral role in this unique, multimedia concert experience," commented Anne Joyce, Marketing Director of Sennheiser Canada. "With 'Space Cadet,' Kid Koala is enabling fans to experience the music on many different sensory levels, and is pushing the boundaries of the traditional concert experience."

For more information on Kid Koala's "Space Cadet" concert, please visit the Osheaga 2011 site by clicking here. To watch a view Kid Koala's concert trailer for the "Space Cadet Headphone Tour,' click here.

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