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Selecon Gears Up For LDI 2008

Selecon invites you to visit our Booth #1834 (easy to remember, just think Acclaim Axial 18-34 Zoomspot!) at LDI 2008 being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center later this month. As always, you will be able to check our full product line of leading theatrical performance lighting fixtures; Acclaim, Rama and Arena Fresnels and PCs ; the world's largest range of ellipsoidals as represented by the unique Pacific range ; traditional Acclaim Zoomspots, Hui and Aurora Cyc / Floods and the very bright Performer range of Followspots. Something for everyone's venue requirements and budgets!

What's New?

“I can not believe that is only 575 watts”, said Charles Green, studio manager and lighting director at Boston Catholic Television about the light output of the Rama 6" Fresnel with the new Osram 575W BTH lamp.

Footcandle light output readings taken at spot focus are only 21.5% less than those recorded with the 1000W lamp and, at flood focus 36% less - an impressive 42.5% reduction in energy consumption.

There's also the Hui Work Light which is proving an extremely popular addition to the Hui family of Cyc, Flood and Groundrow. Fitting the Cyc with wire safety mesh instead of safety glass means that the air flow system works in any position for extended operating hours required for overstage or rehearsal applications.

Plus, there's the 8-leaf barndoor (you asked for it, we did it) and a new and improved rock'n'roll type color change for the Performer Series range of Followspots for you to take a look at as well.

While you are with us make sure you pick up a copy of our Selecon Performance Lighting catalog and your FREE set of the 7 Switched On posters which have been designed to encourage and assist with the magic of performance lighting.

The Selecon team looks forward to welcoming you on to Booth #1834 so do come, see what we have to offer you and say “g'day” to the NZ crew who've come down to give the North American boys some help with one of the busiest shows on our calendar!

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