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Seeing is Believing  Elation Holds Open House In New Showroom July 18

Seeing is Believing Elation Holds Open House In New Showroom July 18

elation-showroom2.jpgLOS ANGELES – Lighting professionals and retailers can get a firsthand look at Elation's latest products in the company's new “real life settings” showroom during a special open house and “road show” stop on Wednesday July 18. The open house, which runs from 11 am to 4 pm for dealers and 4 pm to 8 pm for end users, features hands on demonstrations, programmed light shows, free swag and give-away raffles for some of Elation's leading products.

Since the open house will be held in Elation's new state-of-the art showroom, visitors will have the opportunity to see the company's lighting and video products in realistic settings that mirror real world applications. The recently completed showroom has a full stage setting as well as a simulated broadcast studio and architectural display featuring our sister company Acclaim lighting products.

“Our new showroom has been designed to allow visitors to see how a specific light will actually work in a real concert, theatrical production, video studio or television news set,” said Eric Loader Director of Sales for Elation. “Visitors will be treated to a 10 minute choreographed light and video show to music that will certainly impress even the most veteran lighting professionals and you will get to see the entire Elation product range in one setting. We will have hands on product displays, giveaways and of course swag!“

elation-showroom.jpgAmong the new products that will be highlighted at the Elation Showroom during the company's open house are the stunning Platinum Wash ZFX Pro and Platinum Wash ZFX Pro XL, unique 2-in-1 moving heads with zoom and zone chasing; the Platinum Spot 15R extreme ACL beam effect; and the ultra-bright ELAR Quad Series, which features Elation's unique Quad Color mixing technology.

“The performance and capabilities of lights have been taken to such high levels that words, photos and even videos don't do them justice; you really need to see them to appreciate their brightness, intensity and movement,” said Loader. “This is why we've been having road shows this year; it's our way of giving people the chance to get a close-up look at our phenomenal lighting products. Our dealers will certainly benefit from our new showroom which is already open full time Mon-Fri by appointment. We want our dealers to think of our showroom as theirs and to encourage their staff and customers to come in and see all that Elation has to offer.

“Of course, we can't be on the road all the time, so it makes sense for us to have a permanent showroom where dealers can come and see our lights in realistic stage or studio setting,” continue Loader. “Being in Los Angeles is an advantage for us, because many lighting professionals either live here or come here on a regular basis, so dropping by our world headquarters to visit our offices isn't difficult.”

The Elation Professional Showroom Open House and Road Show is scheduled for July 18, 2012 at Elation headquarters in Los Angeles (City of Commerce – located just 10 minutes south of Downtown Los Angeles, from 11 AM to 8 PM - 11 AM to 4 PM for dealers; 4 PM to 8 PM for the public. To RSVP – visit our web site

For more information contact: Elation Professional at 866-245-6726 or visit

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