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See Factor adds Grandma2 Consoles, Impression Zoom to its lighting inventory

New York, NY—See Factor Industry, Inc., made some important additions of the latest control and zoom equipment to its lighting rental inventory this month.

New York City's leading lighting, audio and video rental company added two MA lighting control consoles: the grandMA2 full-size and the grandMA2 light.

Equipped with the most up-to-date technology, the grandMA2 full-size is at home in all lighting segments, with the ability to control conventional lights, moving lights, LEDs, video and media. It provides real-time control for 65,536 parameters per session (up to 256 DMX universes), and features intuitive and fast control over all connected fixtures and channels. The newly developed fader wing provides up to 60 executor faders.

The grandMA2 light is the compact version of the grandMA2 full-size, featuring 15 motorized executor faders and two touch screens. Like the full-size, the light has the ability to control a wide variety of lights and media. The light console features 4,096 built-in HTP/LTP parameters, and real-time control for 65,536 parameters per session.

See Factor also added the Avolites Pearl Tiger Touch and Pearl Expert consoles to its rental offerings. The Pearl Expert features a powerful dual core engine, swop, flash and fixture buttons on all 60 preset faders, and an on-screen Color Picker with more than 2,500 fixture files. It offers 12 DMX universes through an Ethernet connection to ArtNet. The Tiger Touch offers the new intuitive Titan Operating System, a responsive wide-screen interface, 6,144 channels in 12 DMX universes, and 20 submasters for cues, cue lists and chases. Tiger Touch's show files are fully compatible with Pearl Expert consoles, and it supports ArtNet, Avotalk and CITP protocols.

The newest light in See Factor's inventory is the GLP Elation Impression 120 RZ, an automated zoom fixture that has all of the original features that the original Impression line of fixtures offers. Its light source features RGB additive color mixing with 120 Luxeon Rebel high power LEDs, and it can complete a 660Ëš pan in two seconds or a 300Ëš tilt in one second. The 120RZ also provides strobe and pulse effects, as well as a 0-100% continuous dimmer.

More information about See Factor is available at, or by calling 718-784-4200.

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