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School's Out For Summer

School's Out For Summer

My first year at CalArts is finally over now and I can relax for a few days. I had an extremely arduous last week of school. Not only did my show open and close, but I also had to prepare my portfolio for a school-wide review, finish my final paper project (Les Liaisons Dangereues) for Don's class and prepare myself for my mid-residence review from my mentors.

Everything turned out for the best considering the time restraints I had. Teching the Opera in four days proved to be very daunting and stressful, especially working with the Grand MA for the first time ever. All in all, I was happy with where the design got too based on the time allotted. It was in no way a finished piece, or technically clean to the trained eye. However, I do think it supported the emotional moments of the show and helped in establishing the scenic setting of the LA river/marsh. But it is in the past now, and school is finished, so it is on to bigger and better things.

For starters, I flew back East this morning and I am excited to get into the NYC for BLMC later this week. I will hopefully have time to visit some of my fellow CalArts graduates at the infamous Clambake hosted by none other then Ming Cho Lee. For those unfamiliar to Clambake, it is a multi-school portfolio presentation between recent graduates to show everyone else your work. It is primarily focused on visual design (scenic, lighting, costumes and puppets) and you get to see how other students from top programs like Yale and NYU design.

I also had time on my flight to read the script for a new show I am assigned to next semester called BLU. The piece is written by one of the MFA 3 performance writers and will be performed in one of our smaller black box spaces. The play read very quickly the first time through and gave me a good sense of what the story is about. I'll need to spend more time with the text to start dwelling on some potential ideas.

I also hope to have some time at the end of the week to go and see Les Liaisons Dangereues, as it picked up 5 Tony nominations, and I'm anxious to see what the actual production looks like, after working on a paper-project version of it for the past month.

And below are some of the production shots from Platee that I included at portfolio review:


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