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Scenex Lighting Launch LED Base4 Truss Toner

Scenex Lighting Launch LED Base4 Truss Toner

The LED Base4 from Scenex LightingFinally, a truss light which has been designed to light truss!

The LED Base 4 from Scenex Lighting uses 12 x 3W tri-color RGB LED's, with a 10° beam angle in a fixture which has been designed specifically to internally light truss pieces. Producing a bright, even beam of light that gives solid coverage, the Base4 offers a broad color palette from pastel to saturates, to work from.

With a square design, low profile and shaped corners, the LED Base 4 has been designed to fit inside standard 12 inch truss, locating easily and squarely every time it is rigged. The LED Base 4 features an auto ranging 90-240V power supply, and Neutrik Powercon input and output connectors for easy daisy chaining. With a maximum power consumption of 52W it means that a lot of Base4's can be connected together on a single circuit. Weight and transportability have also been taken into account and with a light weight of just 5.5 lbs., the Base4 keeps weight loading on your truss low.

With practical insight, all of the connectors on the Base4 are side mounted allowing the fixture to be placed snugly into the end of your truss and still give easy access to the display driven setup menu and connection points.

And for those times when the Base4 needs to be used in special locations, or on special events, the fixture also features a number of internal programs and the option to set a static scene on boot up.

A square lens array to light a square object, innovative and effective.

More information about the LED Base4 and the entire Scenex Lighting range can be obtained from GLP Inc. by writing to , by visiting their website at or by calling +1 818 767 8899.

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