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The hottest, newest pop sensation is officially The Saturdays! With two former members of S Club 7 Juniors, this all girl powerhouse has exploded onto the scene with their first album Chasing Lights. The record spawned 4 top 10 singles and the girls launched a sold out tour called The Work Tour. While the girls have only been together about a year, they have already been nominated for a number of prestigious awards and even won a few. Virgin Media named them Best New Artist and one of the girls, Una Healy, as Hottest Female. Glamour Magazine nominated them for Band of the Year.

Such an important act turned to an equally prestigious lighting designer, Mr. Vince Foster, to assure that they glow as they should. Vince delivered above and beyond the call of duty in his typical style, accenting the already sizzling show the girls presented. Vince delivered a very high tech, up beat look with a maze of Versa Tubes at odd angles and height as a background. MAC 2000 spots and washes, Atomic strobes, F 100's, DF 50's and piles of truss are the brief for the tour. Everything is controlled by a Hog IPC and Catalyst System.

The Bandit board operator is Matthew Jensen and he is assisted on tour by crew chief Nigel Julian and lighting technician Dan Oswald. The tour manager is John Pryer while the production manager is Andrew Thornton. This is the Saturday's first album, first tour and first time with Foster and Bandit. All parties concerned plan to make Saturdays an everyday thing! Bandits' CE Lester Cobrin has been handling the office side of things and has only praise and accolades for Vince and the band. Cobrin said “ Vince is a true magician and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with him and the girls. It is a stunning show and Bandit is proud to be a part of such a spectacular!.”

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