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Sapsis Rigging helps STREB fly over London

Sapsis Rigging helps STREB fly over London

Sapsis Rigging played a pivotal role in the aerialist event held in London on July 15, 2012. The event, titled One Extraordinary Day, was

commissioned by the Mayor of London and involved performances by Elizabeth Streb and her "Action Heroes" troupe at the Millennium Bridge, City Hall, Trafalgar and Paternoster Squares, the National Theatre and the London Eye. Streb on London Eye

Sapsis Rigging provided design consultation and rigging equipment for all performer harnesses. Sapsis also provided onsite supervision at all venues. "It was, to say the least, a very exciting day," noted Bill Sapsis, president of Sapsis Rigging. "Each of the locations provided a

unique set of challenges, but it was the London Eye that demanded the most attention."

The performance on the Eye, which began at 10:15 pm, involved performers completing a serious of acrobatic maneuvers while hanging from the spokes of the Eye as it rotated. Sapsis worked with the UK rigging company, Unusual Rigging, to develop methodology to allow the performers not only full range of movement but also to travel the length of the spoke at will.

"It's not every day we get to place 32 performers on a 400 foot tall rotating wheel," commented Bill. "The equipment worked perfectly and the performers were terrific. Seeing the performers spread out over the Eye was a sight I'll not soon forget."

Founded in 1985, STREB, which is based in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn NY, tours extensively throughout the United States and


Founded in 1981, Philadelphia based Sapsis Rigging provides rigging services and solutions worldwide not only to the event industry but also to the architectural, engineering and theatrical communities.

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