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Rose Brand's NeoFlex Blog Post discusses Advantages of LED Lighting

Rose Brand's NeoFlex Blog Post discusses Advantages of LED Lighting


March 8, 2010, Secaucus, NJ: The latest post on Rose Brand's “Know How” blog at describes Neoflex installation techniques and design options. Neoflex is a flexible strip of diffused LED lighting that's available in colors. It is 70% more energy efficient than cold cathode Neon and maintains a consistent color throughout its 50,000 hour lifespan.

Neoflex is a rugged alternative for outdoor installations and is easy to maintain. The energy efficiency of this product provides a quick return on investment. Rose Brand stocks this product in Diffused 120v and Diffused 24v in Amber, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Cool White, and Warm White. Color Jacket Mini NeoFlex is offered in 24V and has color embedded in the diffusing plastic as well as in the LED's allowing for color accents even when not illuminated.

Rose Brand ( is the premier provider of FR fabrics, stage curtains, custom sewn creations and production supplies for live entertainment, film, TV, display, house of worship, schools and event organizations.


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