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Rose Brand's Blog Illuminates Benefits of ShowLED Backdrops to Create Starry Night Effect.

March 2, 2010, Secaucus, New Jersey: Star Drop curtains create a sparkling night sky backdrop for stage, film and video productions, as well as other live events. The new blog post describes ShowLED curtain's benefits in set up, maintainance and cost effectiveness.

Rose Brand is the industry leader in ShowLED curtains, having sold and rented them for traditional corporate events, stage performances and Presidential Balls (e.g., Obama inauguration). The blog post discusses intensity, color and frequency of the effect for both novice and professional users.

Visit to see the entire story.

Rose Brand ( is the premier provider of FR fabrics, stage curtains, custom sewn creations and production supplies for live entertainment, film, TV, display, house of worship, schools and event organizations.


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