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ROSE BRAND Precision Cut Fabric Stock Patterns Available

ROSE BRAND Precision Cut Fabric Stock Patterns Available

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Secaucus, New Jersey – December 13, 2010. Rose Brand now offers stock patterns of popular Precision Cut Fabric designs to eliminate the creative quandary many customers experience when submitting their orders. They also enable speedier production and lower pricing.

Precision cutting uses laser beam technology to cut intricate patterns into fabric, resulting in scenic elements with great texture, pattern and dimensionality. Precision Cut Fabrics capture light and cast shadows in interesting ways and they can conform to any dimension. The final product is quicker to produce, less expensive and easier to work with than hard scenery made from wood and steel tubing; and less labor intensive and time consuming than hand-cutting intricate designs into soft scenery made from drops and drapes.

Rose Brand can provide all of the custom sewing necessary for the piece, or customers can choose to do it on their own. Either way, Rose Brand has taken a long, laborious process and shortened it down to two steps; choose a design and a select a fabric. For those who want their own design, Rose Brand can also cut virtually any pattern into fabric based on a vector drawing or clean, hand-drawn sketch.

Broadway productions such as “The Addams Family” and “West Side Story” have already used Precision Cut Fabric to enhance their stages. To see the images and obtain more information go to

About Rose Brand

Rose Brand ( is the premier provider of theatrical fabrics, custom stage drapery, custom sewn creations and production supplies for the live entertainment, film, TV, display, and event industries.


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