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Rose Brand Blog “Know-How” Describes Light & Airy Alternative to the Standard Event Tent.

Contact: Deborah Sperry

201-809-1730 x 138

Secaucus, New Jersey, February 19, 2010 – Rose Brand's newest blog post describes “The California Canopy,” a custom-sewn, outdoor enclosure that's used as an alternative to traditional tenting. Working with AK Johnston Production Design, Rose Brand created a translucent, shirred roof of breathable poly muslin that sheltered guests at an outdoor art and wine festival, enhanced the aesthetics of the natural, outdoor setting, and installed easily over trussing.

Materials used in modern tents are often opaque to daylight requiring lighting during the day as well as in the evening. The California Canopy glowed with natural sunlight during the day. In the evening, when special event lighting was used to highlight the art and wine offerings, the canopy reflected a warm and welcoming glow. Matching truss covers for the upright legs completed the unique look of the structure. The article can be found at

About Rose Brand:

Rose Brand ( is the premier provider of FR fabrics, stage curtains, custom sewn creations and production supplies for live entertainment, film, TV, display, house of worship and event organizations.


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