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A Rock Band Evolves in South Africa

A Rock Band Evolves in South Africa

Evolver OneJOHANNESBURG, South Africa – CHAUVET®, a leading manufacturer of professional lighting, announces that its South Africa-based distributor, Audiosure sponsored one of the country's most popular rock bands, Evolver One [link:], for sound and lighting.

Evolver One formed in 2006 and has since completed 10 national tours, performing over 500 shows. The band has shared the stage with many international greats such as 3 Doors Down, Staind, Hoobastank, Snow Patrol and Oasis. Lighting was an important addition from the band's perspective and another evolutionary step for their live performances.

Evolver One 2“We have gained huge momentum with our live shows and we wanted to take them to the next level by delivering our songs in a whole new way through equipment such as wash lights and moving heads,” said Peter Pote, lead singer and guitarist, “The lighting is about giving even our most seasoned fans a new and exciting experience when they come to an Evolver One show. It's about evolving. It's about keeping with the spirit of moving forward and challenging ourselves. It's what makes the band what it is.”

Audiosure welcomed the opportunity to help propel their live shows to a new level before Evolver One's international tour in the UK and Mexico, slated for later this year. Audiosure outfitted the band with four CHAUVET® Q-Spotâ„¢ 260-LED moving heads, four COLORstripâ„¢ linear wash lights, four LED PAR 64 TRI B static wash lights, two 4BARâ„¢ portable wash lights, one Arenaâ„¢ Hazer 2 haze machine and one XFactorâ„¢, an interface for ShowXpressâ„¢.

Evolver One 3“We have followed Evolver One for a very long time, have attended many shows and when they approached us to sponsor them with various pieces of equipment, we jumped at the opportunity as we truly believe that they are one of South Africa's finest live acts,” Chris Andrews from Audiosure said.

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