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Robert Juliat Profiles in Switzerland

Robert Juliat Profiles in Switzerland

kkl-copyright-kkl-luzern-sml.jpgRobert Juliat’s Swiss distributor, Lumiere Spectacle LSB SA has been spreading the word about Robert Juliat profiles, spotlights and dimmers with three prestigious Swiss venues adding to their lighting inventories this summer.

KKL Lucerne, the world-renowned cultural centre designed by Jean Nouvel, has taken delivery of 28 RJ 710SX2 2500W profiles and 16 RJ 714SX2 2500W profiles, all of which were supplied with 100% closing irises by LSB’s Swiss German agent, Electric Claudio Merlo.

KKL Lucerne’s international reputation as a top cultural and convention venue is grounded in the quality of its high profile programme of events, so it is especially important that its technical standards are of the same high calibre. The concert hall is acclaimed for its superb acoustics so the silent cooling fans of Robert Juliat’s 700 series profiles proved a major benefit.

RJ profiles are renowned for their unparalleled optical qualities and the RJ 700 Series is no exception. Each has a smooth flat beam and is available with a choice of four variable zoom options including an extremely narrow but compact 8°-16° lens for long throw distances. In addition to the silent cooling fans, each benefits from a very secure G22 lamp socket for extreme reliability and long lamp life.

At Lausanne’s Théâtre de Beaulieu, six RJ 714SX2 2500W have been installed along with 30 RJ 614SX 1200W profiles. Like KKL Lucerne, Théâtre de Beaulieu is part of the alliance of Swiss Convention Centres which has been formed to promote Switzerland as a destination for MICE events.

Bernard Martinelli, Technical Director of Beaulieu, Lausanne, says “I chose the Robert Juliat RJ 614SX and RJ 714SX2 profiles simply because they are the brightest, most accurate and most mechanically reliable units available, and also the most requested profiles for touring shows.” The Robert Juliat profiles will be used in the Theatre’s extensive programme of classical music, dance and opera.

Robert Juliat’s 600 series is the most adaptable of the RJ tungsten profiles and a classic 1k/1.2K theatre fixture. Available with a choice of 3 variable zoom lenses, each RJ 600 has an interchangeable lamp base which can be swapped to accommodate a discharge lamp source as required.

Finally, the Haute Ecole des Arts (HEAB) in Berne, in the north-west of the country has been equipped with 46 RJ Lutin 306 LPC 1000W spotlights and 8 Digipack 616S dimmers. The University draws a wide variety of artistic disciplines together under one roof, with courses in design, music, literature, opera and theatre. Training in music and theatre takes place across different venues so the combination of Digipack’s portability and Lutin’s adaptability proved an ideal answer to this multitude of uses and locations.

Lutin is a versatile 1kW fixture with interchangeable lenses giving the choice of Fresnel, pebble or plano convex options within one unit. Digirack dimmers have been designed as a totally reliable, ‘no frills’ solution for venues that want dimming that can be relied upon. The Robert Juliat proprietary software is common to all RJ dimming products making them fully compatible with each other, be it Tivoli, Digitour or Digirack.

“Robert Juliat projects have kept us very busy in Switzerland this summer,” says Lumiere Spectacle’s Michel Boillet, “alongside numerous smaller shipments. We have distributed Robert Juliat equipment for 29 years and are very happy with the way RJ products continue to prove themselves as the chosen brand amongst so many of our clients.”

For more information on Robert Juliat profiles, spotlights and dimmers, visit

Lumiere Spectacle LSB SA can be contacted at:

103 Route des Jeunes

CH-1227 Carouge

Tel: +41 22 3 42 44 88

fax: +41 22 3 43 84 88



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