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Robert Juliat Profiles for Rotterdamse Schouwburg

Robert Juliat Profiles for Rotterdamse Schouwburg

Rotterdamse SchouwburgRotterdamse Schouwburg, which plays host to a wide variety of performances from every major Dutch theatre, dance and opera company, has recently increased its inventory of Robert Juliat zoom profiles with the purchase of thirty-four RJ 614SX 16° - 35° fixtures from distributor, LightCo, of the Netherlands.

The 879-seat venue's stock of aging profiles needed to be replaced so, knowing the Robert Juliat reputation for optical excellence, Joost van den Hil, lighting specialist for the Main Auditorium, organised a shootout and approached LightCo's Bas van Schelven who took along the RJ 614SX 1kW fixtures.

In addition to meeting the all-important optical criteria, the Robert Juliat profiles also excelled with their build quality and mechanical superiority: “The mechanics are solid, the shutters stay straight, even after long term use, and the shutter lock works well,” says Rotterdamse Schouwburg's Technical Coordinator, Michiel Sipman.

“We finally settled on the Robert Juliat profiles because they offered the best value ratio between quality and price, especially when you see the quality and evenness of the beam,” adds van den Hil.

The new 1kW RJ profiles are rigged in the Grand Hall's tower and proscenium bridge positions, where they join the venue's existing Robert Juliat inventory of RJ 714SX2 2kW 15° - 40° profiles in front of house positions, and two RJ 1200W HMI Super Korrigan followspots.

“We are very happy that our Robert Juliats were chosen as the most suitable successors to the old favourites,” says van Schelven.

Rotterdamse Schouwburg is not the only venue that LightCo has supplied with Robert Juliat equipment. Thirty-four RJ 614SX 1200W profiles have recently been delivered to the Royal Carre Theatre, Amsterdam; The City Theatre, Amsterdam has installed fourteen RJ 613SX zoom profiles in its portal area and the Odeon De Spiegel Theaters, Zwolle have taken stock of twelve RJ 614SX and twelve RJ 613SX zoom profiles.

LightCo has also supplied the Munt Theatre in Weert with a full rig of Robert Juliat 1kW and 2kW profiles, PCs and 1800W Victor followspots. In all a total of 120 units have been installed, including RJ 310 1kW PC, RJ 329 2kW PC, RJ 613SX and RJ 614SX 1kW zoom profiles and a special silent version of RJ 714SX2 2kW zoom profiles.

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