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Robert Juliat Lancelot Shows Up the Best 27th Annual US Open Snowboarding Championships Stratton Mountain, Vermont

Robert Juliat Lancelot Shows Up the Best 27th Annual US Open Snowboarding Championships Stratton Mountain, Vermont

BurtonWhen Capron Lighting & Sound Company's David Gruber was looking for a powerful light with which to project the Jake Burton logo at the 27th annual US Open Snowboarding Championships, he decided that Robert Juliat's 4000W HTI Lancelot was the right light for the job.

The championships, which took place in March this year at Stratton Mountain, Virginia, were to be televised, so a bright, sharp image was called for to ensure the logo of the world's leading snowboard manufacturer, and founder of the championship, was presented to best advantage, for both broadcasting purposes and to the surrounding audience.

“I needed a fixture that would project a sharp image at a distance of 500ft,” explains Gruber, who was Project Lighting Manager for the event. “My research indicated that a Robert Juliat Lancelot 4,000 watt HTI followspot would be the best choice, and that proved to be the right choice.

“For the TV shoot, the logo was projected onto the Quarter Pipe landing zone, but during setup the night before the event I was able to project a clear bright gobo onto the lodge 1,200 feet away. On the day of the event I was able to read the gobo starting at 6:00pm, despite the sun being directly behind the spot position.”

The Lancelot certainly caused quite a stir and successfully brought the logo to onlookers' attention: “Everyone on the mountain was talking about the Lancelot, or, as the snow cat driver called it, the B.F.L.,” continues Gruber. “I knew it was a success when Jake Burton went out after the event to have his picture taken in the projected gobo.”

Robert Juliat's Lancelot once again proved it can be used for much more than followspot purposes, its power and light quality making it the ideal long-throw gobo projector.

“If you have a stadium show, or other long throw application, this is the light you want,” concludes Gruber. “It has a regular framed color boomerang, a full color mixing option which uses gel colors, can handle up to 10 gobos with its two drop-in gobo rotators, and is just as smooth as butter to run.”

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