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Robert Juliat Followspots and LED profiles for Japan’s Zepp Theatres

Robert Juliat Followspots and LED profiles for Japan’s Zepp Theatres

rj-victor-and-led-gobo-projections-on-stage-at-zepp-namba-osaka-small.jpgRobert Juliat’s Japanese distributor, Theater Engineering, has recently supplied Robert Juliat followspots and LED profiles to Tokyo’s Zepp DiverCity and Osaka’s Zepp Namba concert halls. The equipment was supplied to lighting and sound equipment specialists, Sogo Butai Co Ltd who carried out the installations.

Zepp concert halls are a group of dynamic, busy venues which are spread across all areas of Japan and play host to many international tours and Japanese musicians. They offer a broad programme of music and tours, designed to appeal to all ages, with upcoming dates including Paul Weller, The Offspring, Slayer and Brahman.

The Zepp venues are also popular locations for corporate events and conventions.

The 2700-seat Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo is the largest of the Zepp venues and the largest live house in Tokyo while the slightly smaller Zepp Namba in Osaka caters for up to 2200 people. Each of these venues has been equipped with 4 Robert Juliat Victor 1800W MSR followspots and a number of RJ LED profile and wash fixtures.

Mr Nishio, President of Sogo Butai Co Ltd, says: “Until now, we have been accustomed only to the usual Xenon followspots available on the Japanese market and did not know much about Robert Juliat followspots and profile spots.

“We first discovered the Victor 1800W MSR and Aramis 2500W HMI followspots on Cirque du Soleil’s ZED show when it toured Japan some time ago. Since that moment, followspot operators have been highly recommending these models.

“It is because of these recommendations, and the performance of the spots themselves, that we installed RJ Victor followspots in the Zepp Concert Halls at Tokyo and Osaka. Victor’s ergonomic features ensure a comfortable and efficient operation and their brightness is definitely a deciding factor.”

“We installed the RJ LED profiles not just for their performance but for environmental reasons. In the very near future, energy consumption is going to become a topical issue, then new energy-saving sources will become a vital criteria. It is for this reason that the new Robert Juliat LED spots are destined to be an all-over success in Japan.”

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