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Robert Juliat FLOs Perform to Perfection at Cirque Arlette Gruss

Robert Juliat FLOs Perform to Perfection at Cirque Arlette Gruss

dsc_6295.JPGL'Autre Monde, the new show from Gilbert Gruss' Cirque Arlette Gruss, is currently touring France with four DMX-controlled Robert Juliat 1800W MSR FLO followspots to highlight its dazzling, fast moving acts.

Arlette Gruss promises its audiences a spectacle like no other with a top of the range show that encompasses trapeze artists, clowns, magicians, motorbikes and animals. With a six month tour that takes in the towns of Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Rouen, Arras, Lille, Boulogne, Dunkerque, Valenciennes, Thionville, Mulhouse, Strasbourg, Colmar, Reims and Troyes, lighting designer Arthur Oudin needed a followspot that was small and tough enough to tour and versatile enough to be controlled with pin-point accuracy, as well as deliver top notch performance.

“The ideal unit proved to be the Robert Juliat FLO with a DMX controlled dimmer, shutter” says Oudin. “The power of this small compact truss followspot is truly brilliant. The electronic ballast reduces the weight considerably and manages the power of the lamp accurately which was especially useful when lighting the jugglers, for example. It also makes it possible to dim the followspot without losing the beauty of the beam.

“In addition, the logic of retaining central control of the dimmer shutter from the console really redefines the work of the followspots. It ensures we keep all the advantages of ‘traditional followspotting', yet lets me control the light intensity directly from the console, leaving the followspot operator to concentrate on focusing the spot and following the performers. And when we need a black out, everyone fades to black at the same time!”

Robert Juliat's FLO followspot is unique in having an 1800W hot restrike lamp which gives an output to match most 2500W sources. Its compact size and 13° - 24° zoom range makes it suitable for short throw and truss spot usage, and is easily transported on tour. Features include high performance double condenser optics, 100% closing iris with protective backplate, A-size gobo holder and a 6-way push/pull colour changer. A flicker-free electronic ballast and a option of a DMX dimmer shutter make it one of the most versatile multi-usage followspots on the market.

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